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Yoga before Bed: 5 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Sound Sleep

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Written by Tahira Tonima

Yoga is the practice of quietening the mind. Basically the mind is never quiet. It is always busy with random thoughts, regrets for the past, tensions for the future, toxicity of the present etc. But with bedtime yoga and meditation, we can easily train our mind to stay calm, relaxed and positive. Isn’t that something we all want?

According to Sri Sri Ravi Sankar, “Unfortunately, Yoga is considered as just the physical exercises. It is just a beginning, physical exercise is just one part of it. But, then comes the breath and the mind. Tapping the inner source of energy is important. Yoga is never complete without meditation. Sudarshan Kriya takes you to the deepest meditation where body, mind and breath comes in the rhythm connecting to the source of life deep within.”

In our previous article, we discussed about the health benefits of yoga. In this article, you are going to explore 5 bedtime yoga for a better sleep.

Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga has always been one of the best antidote of releasing stress and anxiety. Most of us think of yoga as a mere stretching or physical exercise. However, yoga is not only for body, but also for mind.

Yoga connects our body with our mind. Yoga is the best way to boost serotonin production AKA happy hormone.  Serotonin increases our happiness, enables the brain cells and other nervous system to communicate with each other. It’s also involved with REM (Rapid Eye Movement). So if you are looking for something that will increase your relaxation and bless you with a stress free sleep, you are in the right place mate!

5 Bedtime Yoga Routine for Better Sleep

 Do you know that according to a national survey, over 55% people found a better relaxing sleep by doing yoga before sleep? Over 85% said that night time yoga helped them reducing stress. Amazing isn’t it?

Without further ado, we can move into our main discussion now.

1. Balasana ( Wide Knee Child Pose)

This one is easy and fun. This resting pose will boost your calmness and relaxation. At first, kneel on the floor and keep your toes together. Keep your knees apart as the position of your hip. Now, lean forward and put your forehead on the ground. Don’t forget to exhale while bending. Put our hand besides your body and don’t forget to face the palm up.

Finally, press your chest on your thigh and hold the position for 45 seconds. Don’t forget to pull your navel towards the spine while inhaling. This position will boost your relaxation and can be used as an easy bedtime yoga for kids.

Don’t try this position if you are,

  • Pregnant
  • Having diarrhoea
  • Hip or knee injury.

2. Janu Shirasana (Head-of-the-Knee Pose)

At first, you need to sit extending your legs. Now, touch the sole of your right foot against your left thigh and put left hand on your hip. Now, lift your right arm, reach to your widen left leg and grab your feet. Bend your head and rest it on a block.

Hold this pose for 1 minutes. Finally, switch side.

Don’t practice if you have 

  • Knee injury
  • Hip injury
  • Fractured bones

3. Vajrasana

Also known as lightning bolt pose. All you need is to sit on the floor, connect knees together and connect toes together. Sit on the toes and keep your backbone straight. Done! Sit for 10 minutes every night to get an excellent result. Anyone can practice this.

4. Sukhasana

Do you need a sound sleep? Sukhasana increases blood circulation all over the body. You can simply sit on the mattress before you go to bed. Cross your leg in the most comfortable position. This will relax your muscles and give you comfort for the rest of the night.

5. Shavasana

The last and most essential position before going to bed is shavasana. Lie straight on the bed. Keep your hands and feet straight. Close your eyes and start abdominal breathing. You will slowly get lost in deep sleep.

Final thought

Which positions seem easy to you? Easy or not, try all of them for a beautiful sound sleep. Get deep sleep and make the night better in every way possible. Practice yoga as a part of your daily routine. For this, you can check our other articles in NutriSetter. Have fun!

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