Can you take Golo on keto?

Can you take goli while on keto diet?

Can you take golo while on keto?

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You shouldn’t take golo while on keto diet. That would be contradictory. Because, on golo diet, you can have carbohydrates. But on keto diet, carb is the enemy.

The Golo diet became one of the most searched diet plan in 2016. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most effective one.

Golo diet is a diet plan that claims to boost weight loss through insulin management. Customers invest in a 30-, 60-, or 90-day GOLO Metabolic Plan that promises to help restore hormonal balance and repair metabolism. Golo diet focuses on eating limited calories, small portions and exercise. Anyway, Golo diet plan won’t promote drastic weight loss like the keto diet. (Check out our keto diet plan here). However, it will suggest slow and steady weight loss pace of 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Golo diet should consist of foods containing 1300 to 1800 calories. You can add meat, fish, whole grains, unsweetened fruits, healthy fat and vegetables. You should also take some other supplements like zink, magnesium, calcium etc for more health benefits.

Keto diet is a type of diet that contains absolutely no amount of carbohydrate in your plate. Your body will activate the fat stored in it for strength and thus you will lose weight. Now-a-days, keto diet is the most popular way of losing weight as it promotes drastic weight loss in short period of time. So you can not take golo on keto. You should choose one. And if you want fast result, then I would suggest keto diet plan for you. For keto holiday side dishes, check out here.

If you don’t like golo or keto diet plans, there are plenty of other diet plans that you can try to lose weight and have a healthy fit physique. You can try Mediterranean diet plan which contains natural plant based food on your plate and great for health. For more about Mediterranean diet plan, check here.

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