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Best 7 Protein Packed Breakfast Ideas for Better Health

Protein Packed Breakfasts Ideas
Written by Tahira Tonima

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”- ever heard of this proverb? Do you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Your hectic schedule might keep you away from a healthy and savoury lunch and dinner. In the term of breakfast, you can always win. All you have to do is to get up a little early and treat yourself with a healthy plate full of proteins. Researches show that a high protein packed breakfasts can help to benefit muscle health and boost weight loss journey.

Importance of Protein Packed Breakfasts

Protein is the most important element to develop our lean muscles and bone. To boost the immunity system, it has significant contribution. A protein packed breakfast will keep you full. In a word, you will feel less hungry and have less cravings for snacks full of carbohydrates.

Did you know that proteins possess a high thermic affect? Our body need more times to digest it. This burns more calories and help you with your quest for weight loss. Adult men are recommended to intake 56 grams of protein and adult women are about 46 grams of protein per day.

7 Protein Packed Easy Breakfasts Ideas

Protein packed breakfast are easy to make, tasty and savoury to consume. Here are 7 easy protein packed breakfasts ideas to satisfy your tongue and health.

1. Cheesy Eggwich

Cheesy EggwichWe all have an undying love for tasty creamy sandwich. Just grab a whole grain bread, toast it, put egg slices and cottage cheese on top. Add salt, pepper and lettuces for more taste. There you have your savoury egg protein packed breakfast. Feel full for a long time. Could it be more satisfying!

2. Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

Scrambled Eggs with BaconWho doesn’t love the classic scrambled eggs with bacon? Just swap butter with olive oil, put tomatoes and bell pepper in your eggs and fry them with beacon. There you have your egg protein packed breakfast satisfying to savour.

3. Omelette with Mushrooms and Tomatoes

Just like how mom used to make. This breakfast is an all time favourite. Just trade butter with olive oil. Make the old-school classic omelette with tomatoes and mushrooms. However, you can add other vegetables like spinach, bell pepper, cabbages for taste and fibers. Enjoy your classic breakfast.

4. Protein Packed Oatmeal

Protein Packed Breakfasts OatmealOats provides a lot of fiber that we need. Instead of topping it with dried fruits, you can mix it with cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, milk (instead of water) etc. You can use hemp seeds, chia seeds and flaxseed as topping for extra protein. There you have your protein packed oatmeal breakfast.

5. Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Smoked Salmon SandwichSounds fancy, right? But it’s super easy to make. Take whole grain breads, fill with cottage cheese/cream cheese, salmon slice, tomatoes or alfalfa sprouts. Enjoy your luxurious salmon sandwich. Try the recipes yourself and let us know your feedback in the comment section.

6. Cottage Cheese Toast

Cottage Cheese Toast Protein Packed BreakfastIn a hurry? Want to make some easy protein packed breakfast? Grab 2 slices of sprouted toast, top with cottage cheese, avocado slices and sesame seeds. There you have your ready to go cottage cheese toast. Try the recipes and let us know about your taste in the comment section.

7. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake

Peanut Butter and Chocolate ShakeYup, you read that right. Chocolate can be high in calories. However, this smoothie can provide your necessary proteins. Blend yogurt, coconut water, peanut butter, banana, date and Cocoa powder together. Add ice and savour! Thats it. Your favourite breakfast is on your hand.

Bottom Line:

Protein packed breakfasts are extremely important for our health. However, taking excessive protein can harm your body. So consume protein packed breakfast in the right amount and say hello to a great health. Did you like these tips?  Let us know below.

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