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7 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Make Your Vegan Diet More Effective

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Written by Tahira Tonima

Have you recently gone vegan? If you do, then you certainly know that how hard it is to give up the luxury of meat and fill up the plates with proper diet chart. You can, however, easily maintain a proper healthy veganism by adding some healthy eating habits in your daily diet chart.

Going vegan is not only a diet, but also a moral issue. So go vegan confidently, adapt good eating habits and make the world cruel free for animals.

Why Is Going Vegan Worth It?

  •  Because veganism opposes animal cruelty. Animals are here with us not for us. They feel affection, love, fear and pain. So go vegan, be the change you want see in the world.
  • Study showed that vegans tend to have lower blood sugar levels, higher insulin sensitivity and up to a 50–78% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. These healthy eating habits also great for boosting your kidney function.
  • Vegan diet reduces the chances of certain cancers. Studies showed that eating at least seven portions of fresh fruits and vegetables per day may lower your risk of dying from cancer by up to 15%.
  • Vegan foods can lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases. For instance, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and fiber is effective to reduce the chances of heart attack. According to researchers, vegan people have 42% lower chances of dying from heart disease.
  • Going vegan can help with your weight loss conquest. Studies showed that, proper eating habits that contain vegan foods can rapidly boost your weight loss procedure. For a budget friendly weight loss vegan foods diet plan, you may check our another article.

7 Healthy Eating Habits You Must Include In Your Vegan Meal

1. Eat Lots of Legumes

Kidney Beans and LegumesLegumes are nature’s blessing for us as they are packed with protein, carbohydrate, B vitamins, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and phosphorous. They also contain loads of dietary fiber. We discussed about health benefits of high fiber foods on another article of our website.

2. Consume Enough Calcium

A calcium-rich diet is essential for our teeth and bone. Calcium helps with blood clotting, muscles contracting and heart beating. So add leafy vegetables, soya chunks, plant milks, calcium-set tofu, kale collards, figs, oranges, broccoli, and cabbage in your diet chart for enough calcium.

3. Eat Whole Grain

Beans and LegumesGrains are high in fiber that help you to feel be full and satisfied with smaller bites. Fibers also improve our overall digestive system and thus help to lose weight. Fibers in whole grain also improve our heart condition, diabetes and reduce the chance of constipation. So aim to add whole grain in your vegan diet chart.

4. Eat Half – Boiled vegetables

half backed vegetables for healthy eating habitsDon’t overcook the vegetables. Overcooked vegetables may lose vitamin c and other important elements. Try to eat half boiled vegetables if you don’t like to consume them raw. Study showed that half boiled vegetables can regain some vitamin C, B vitamins and other anti-oxidants.

5. Use healthy oil for healthy eating habits

healthy oil for eating habitsNot only foods but also oils used to cook these foods must be free from any type of impurity.  Soybean oil, coconut oil, etc. are not good ways to eat vegan foods. There requires adding oils which are helpful for the health. Therefore, you need to use healthy oil.

6. Protein Intake

Soybeans Plant ProteinVegan-based protein intake is highly essential to have a healthy lifestyle. It gives you strength and makes the body energetic. You can try lentil, yeast, tofu, etc. to have a boost of your energy. For getting more information about vegan protein, you can check here for plant based protein

7. Refined sugar

The last healthy habit for vegan enthusiast is to avoid refined sugar. It is effective for losing weight. Refined sugar increases the risk of a lot of chronic diseases. Will you want such hamper in your life? Of course not. This is why use vegan-based raw sugar to develop your health. Avoid the white poison and practice refined sugar free diet.

Final thoughts about healthy eating habits

Going vegan is easier than eating unhealthy, isn’t it? All you need is to continue improving your eating habit. When it will be essential, you have to continue changing your food habits. As soon as you enter into the vegan food habit, your life will start to change to a healthy direction. Eat healthy, stay healthy, rule your own healthiness. Have a good day!

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