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10 Proven Health Benefits of adding Yoga to Your Regular Routine

benefits of yoga
Written by Tahira Tonima

“Yoga”. The most ancient form of exercise to get a good shape. Ancient Indians practiced Yoga in order to get the best benefits of fitness for meditating for years. Their practices included certain chants and breathing disciplines. Like many other things, Yoga has returned to the modern civilization.

WHO and other health organizations are suggesting Yoga and meditation to be added to daily activities for a long and healthy life. Do you want the same right?

NutriSetter wants the same for you. And, the article will inform you of the 10 proven health advantages of yoga for you and me.

Yoga vs. instrumental exercise

What do you really need for starting Yoga? Nothing but a Yoga mattress. If you don’t have one, that’s absolutely fine. The first thing you need for instrumental exercise is instrument. Starting will be difficult there.

Fees differ a lot among these two forms of exercise. Yoga coaches charge less than gyms. In case of long term effectiveness, health enthusiasts prefer yoga over instrumental exercise.

The comparison stimulates that one week yoga effects on body more than going to a gym for a month.

Benefits of Yoga

Let’s jump into the real discussion. Yoga is benefiting for health. There are several benefits. The most common ones are given in the following:


Modern lifestyle is full of stress! 30 minutes yoga in the morning can boost the stamina and let you work throughout the day. Yoga practices like pranayama, camel, tree, etc. increases work stamina by three to four times. You will never feel loss of breath during the day!


Yes! Yoga is not only about the body, but also about mind. When you are doing yoga, your mind gets connected with the body. Secretion of serotonin in brain increases the feeling of happiness. If you are seeking postures for yoga stress relief, you are on the right track.

Easy as walking

There were more than 84000 postures in Sanskrit books of yogis. The modern yogis have shortened it to 30 to 50 postures. One of them is laughter yoga. Benefits of laughter yoga is immensely effective. It increases the inner happiness and gives a long life. What do you need for that? Nothing! Just laugh as loud as you can. Laugh will wipe all the negativity from your mind and body.


A major benefit of yoga is the short duration and quick benefit. The yogi will be able to receive better health after practicing yoga for a short period of time. This has been a principal reason for its popularity among women. Benefit of yoga for women is highly attracting these folks to come across. Hot yoga is even better. It takes less than an hour to start and complete hot yoga.


Last, but the most important benefits of doing yoga everyday is its certain effectiveness. Yoga brings out the best result within a while. Mind and body gets refreshed and it leads you to a sustainable physique.

Want to start?

Of course! You should begin yoga as soon as possible. There, you will find a lot of tutorials on YouTube too. You need a good eating habit that supports your journey in yoga as well. NutriSetter has some outstanding recipes to get rid of overweight and obesity. Get a fit body to live longer. Will you?

Leave a review of our discussion in below comment section. Till then, have a good time!

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